Dr. Adi Pinheiro - Gynecomastia

Gynecomastia correction is one of the most common cosmetic surgeries performed on men. It allows you to correct the excessive male breast that can be glandular, greasy or mixed. In most patients the scar is placed in the lower region of the areola.

         In surgery we remove the excess fat and gland, sometimes using liposuction as a complement, in an attempt to level the area of the breasts in the chest level.

Dra. Adi Pinheiro - Abdominoplasty

The purpose of abdominoplasty is improved body contouring and reduction of the local skin sagging, however, is a surgical procedure that removes a certain amount of skin and fat of course there will be a reduction in body weight, which varies depending on the abdominal volume each patient.

         Even people with normal body weight and proportions may have a protruding abdomen with, loose and baggy should in such cases be performed abdominoplasty.

Dr. Adi Pinheiro - Rhinoplasty (plastic surgery of the nose)

It is a surgery performed on the nasal structure to improve the aesthetics or the breath of the individual. It serves for correction of traumatic or natural deformities and also to correct dysfunctions. It is often associated with a genioplasty to the result harmonize face shapes.

         Modern rhinoplasty seeks to restructure the nose, treating their deformities, by reducing osteocartilaginous structures (reduction rhinoplasty) or by the inclusion of osteocartilaginous grafts (rhinoplasty increase).

Dr. Adi Pinheiro - Calf Prosthesis

It is indicated for patients with little projection in the calf region, better known as "calf". By increasing the volume of this region becomes more harmonious the contour of the legs in relation to the thighs.

         The projection produced by calf implant is more posterior than the lateral, ie, "calf" will have its volume increased mainly behind the tibia (shin), being more visible than behind the front.


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